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Alpha Centauri has four distinct victory conditions:

Conditions[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic[edit | edit source]

You may win the game diplomatically by convincing enough faction leaders to unite behind you as Supreme Leader of Planet. A 3/4 vote of the Planetary Council is required to secure such election. Only the leader of one of the two factions with the highest vote totals may stand for election as Planetary Governor or Supreme Leader.

When a Supreme Leader is elected, a faction leader may choose to defy the will of the Council and refuse to submit. In this case, the Supreme Leader must, with the help of loyal factions, conquer all defiant factions to achieve a Conquest victory. Because of the military power usually required to secure election as Supreme Leader, defying the will of the Council is generally fairly suicidal. Other factions will therefore usually only take this course if you have committed atrocities against them or grossly and repeatedly betrayed them.

If you win a Diplomatic Victory, you are awarded 1200 points minus 2 for every game turn elapsed. If Cooperative Victory is enabled and your [[Pact Brother or Sister] is elected Supreme Leader, you are awarded half this total.

No leader can win a diplomatic victory so long as any Progenitor faction remains Unconquered.

Conquest[edit | edit source]

You may win the game by conquest if you eliminate all remaining factions. Factions which surrender and "swear a pact to serve you" count as eliminated for this purpose. If Cooperative Victory is enabled, you need not eliminate any faction with whom you have signed a Pact of Brotherhood, though aside from surrendered AI factions no more than three factions may win together in this fashion.

For winning by Conquest, you are awarded 1000 points minus 2 for every game turn elapsed. If Cooperative Victory is enabled and more than one faction survives the game, the points are split between them based on relative population.

Transcendence[edit | edit source]

The highest form of victory is the Ascent to Transcendence, the next step in the evolution of sentient life. In order to ascend, you must complete the secret project Ascent to Transcendence, which can be started only after one faction has completed the Voice of Planet project.

Players who ascend to transcendence are awarded 2000 points minus 2 for every game turn elapsed. If cooperative victory is enabled, all [[Pact Brothers and Sisters] participate in the win, and points are split between all winning factions based on relative population.

Economic[edit | edit source]

You may win an Economic Victory by cornering the Global Energy Market. You must have discovered Planetary Economics in order to pursue such a plan.

Cornering the Global Energy Market will require a sum of energy credits roughly equal to the cost to "mind control" every remaining base on Planet. When you are ready to make such an attempt, select Corner Global Energy Market from the HQ Menu.

When a faction attempts to corner the Global Energy Market, all other factions will be given an allotted period of time in which they can capture or destroy the cornering faction's Headquarters and thereby foil the plan.

For Economic Victory, you are awarded 1200 points minus 2 for every game turn elapsed. If Cooperative Victory is enabled, Pact Brothers and Sisters of the winning faction receive half the bonus points."

Scenario[edit | edit source]

You win a Scenario Victory if you successfully complete the goals of a Scenario. Your score will depend on the specific scenario rules. You cannot win a Scenario Victory if you are playing a standard game.

Retirement[edit | edit source]

You may retire as faction leader at any time by selecting Retire from the Game Menu. This ends the game and computes your Alpha Centauri Score.

You must also retire if you reach the mandatory retirement year for your game or scenario. In standard games, the mandatory retirement year is M.Y. 2600 for Citizen, Specialist, and Talent levels, and M.Y. 2500 for Librarian, Thinker, and Transcend levels.

You will be warned 20 years before you reach mandatory retirement.

Scoring[edit | edit source]

Your Alpha Centauri Score is computed as follows:

  1. 1 point for each citizen of each base.
  2. If you have won a Diplomatic or Economic victory, score: 1 point for each citizen of a [[Pact Brother's] base and 1/2 point for each citizen of any other faction's base.
  3. 1 point for each citizen of a surrendered base.
  4. 1 point for each unit of commerce your bases are receiving.
  5. 1 point for each technology discovered.
  6. 10 points for each Transcendent Thought advance.
  7. 25 points for each Secret Project.
  8. A Victory bonus if you have won the game.
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