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Units are the principal means of affecting the outside world in Alpha Centauri and Alien Crossfire. Built at bases or recovered from Unity pods, they allow you to reshape the face of Chiron, build new bases, and of course, wage war on unfriendly factions.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Every unit is characterized by three statistics: Offense - Defense - Speed (O-D-S).

  • Offense represents the strength of the unit when attacking in combat, as a numerical value. It is determined by weapons mounted on the unit. Non-combat units like formers do not have any offense.
  • Defense represents the strength of the unit when defending. It is determined by armor applied to the unit.
  • Speed shows how many squares the unit can move per turn before any modifiers are applied. It is determined by chassis types.

Reactors mounted on units determine their durability, namely how much damage they can take before being wiped off the map.

Unit design[edit | edit source]

Every unit consists of three parts at minimum:

  • Weapons and equipment determine their offensive power and function respectively.
  • Reactor that determines cost and
  • A chassis, determining its speed and area of movement.

Additional parts can be applied:

Unit cost[edit | edit source]

When designing new units, bear in mind that units strong in three areas (weapon, armor, chassis) will be vastly more expensive than units strong in only two areas (or one).

The basic cost formula, to which there are several modifiers, is:

Cost = Weapon * (Armor + Speed) * 10 / (2 (Reactor + 1))
  • Weapon value never less than 1/2 Armor value.
  • Non-combat units substitute ""Equipment Cost"" for Weapon value.
  • Cost is halved for units with Speed 1.
  • Cost is halved for sea units, and Armor is discounted 50%.
  • Cost quartered for combat air units.
  • Armor cost doubled for air units.
  • Cost +25% for each unit of Special Ability cost.
  • Cost +10 minerals if both Weapon and Armor greater than 1.
  • Cost +10 minerals if Land unit's Weapon, Armor, Speed all greater than 1.
  • Minimum cost (Reactor*2 - Reactor/2)*10 unless all values are 1.
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