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The landscape of Chiron is alien, yet familiar, with terrain properties and productivity determining square productivity

Rainfall[edit | edit source]

Rainfall level of a region determines the amount of Nutrients which can be produced.

  • A region can be arid, producing 0 nutrients.
  • Moderate rainfall generates 1 nutrient.
  • Rainy squares produce 2 nutrients.

A farm increases the nutrient production by 1.

In addition to coastal and tropical regions, the western (upwind) slopes of mountain ranges tend to be quite rainy, since warm moisture-laden air cools as it rises, and sheds its moisture as rainfall. You can take advantage of this phenomenon by raising hills to the east of your important bases. Conversely, areas east, or downwind of mountain ranges tend to be quite arid.

Ocean squares produce 1 nutrient unless you cultivate a kelp farm, in which case they produce 3.

Special Nutrient Resource squares produce two extra nutrients, and Monsoon Jungle squares produce a single extra nutrient.

Rockiness[edit | edit source]

Rockiness of an area determines that region's Mineral production potential. Regions can be flat, rolling, or rocky.

  • Flat regions produce no minerals unless a mine is build there, in which case they can produce one.
  • Rolling regions produce a single mineral, which can be increased to two with a mine.
  • Unimproved Rocky regions also produce 1, but can produce 4 with a mine and road.

Rocky areas inhibit movement, costing twice the normal number of moves to enter. They also provide a modest defensive benefit in combat.

Ocean squares produce minerals only if you build a mining platform, in which case they produce 2.

Special Mineral Resource squares produce two additional minerals per turn, and can be increased to three extra with a mine. Garland Crater squares also produce one extra Mineral.

Altitude[edit | edit source]

Altitude of a region affects the amount of Energy which can be collected there. To collect this energy, you must build a Solar Collector.

  • Areas below 1000m above sea level produce 1 unit of energy.
  • From 1000m to 2000m, areas produce 2 energy.
  • 2000m-3000m areas produce 3 energy.
  • Areas more than 3000m above sea level produce 4 energy.

Ocean squares do not produce energy unless you build a tidal harness, in which case they produce 3.

Special Energy Resource squares produce two additional units of energy per turn. Squares in the Uranium Flats and Geothermal Shallows produce one additional unit.

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