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The social engineering screen.

Social engineering represents the ideology of your faction and the characteristics of its society. Indicators show the cumulative effect of your faction's characteristics and selected policies on society. Every factions starts at zero, with modifiers from:

  • Faction characteristics
  • Policies
  • Secret projects
  • Other variables

Computed into the final result. Consult the table below for more details.

Society indicators[edit | edit source]

Indicator Description Modifier and effects
-3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
ECONOMY Represents the raw strength of your society's economy. Increasing this value will increase your energy flow. -2 energy each base -1 energy each base -1 energy at HQ base Standard energy rates +1 energy each base +1 energy each square! +1 energy each square; +1 commerce rating!! +1 energy/sq; +2 energy/base; +2 commerce!!! +1 energy/sq; +4 energy/base; +3 commerce!!!!
EFFICIENCY Represents your society's ability to function without waste and mismanagement. If this value falls too low, your bases will begin to lose energy to inefficiency. Murderous inefficiency Appalling inefficiency Gross inefficiency High inefficiency Reasonable efficiency Commendable efficiency Exemplary efficiency! PARADIGM ECONOMY!!
SUPPORT Affects the support costs of military units. The lower your score here, the more of your units you'll have to expend minerals to support. Each unit costs 1 to support; no free minerals for new base. Support 1 unit free per base; no free minerals for new base. Support 1 unit free per base Support 2 units free per base Support 3 units free per base Support 4 units free per base! Support 4 units OR up to base size for free!!
MORALE Affects the training and determination of your military. A higher score here translates directly into morale upgrades for your units. -2 Morale; + modifiers halved -1 Morale; + modifiers halved -1 Morale Normal Morale +1 Morale +1 Morale (+2 on defense) +2 Morale! (+3 on defense) +3 Morale!!
POLICE Represents your society's tolerance for police control and restrictions on personal freedom. A high score allows you to use military units as police to suppress drone riots. A low score will cause increasing tension when your military units are away from home. Extra drone if more than one military unit away from territory Cannot use military units as police. No nerve stapling. One police unit allowed. No nerve stapling. Can use one military unit as police Can use up to 2 military units as police Can use up to 3 military units as police! 3 units as police. Police effect doubled!!
GROWTH Affects your population growth rate. The higher your score, the fewer nutrients your bases will need to grow. NEAR-ZERO POPULATION GROWTH -20% growth rate -10% growth rate Normal growth rate +10% growth rate +20% growth rate +30% growth rate +40% growth rate +50% growth rate! POPULATION BOOM: +1 Citizen each base per turn
PLANET Represents your society's sensitivity to the ecology of Planet. A low score indicates that ecological damage will occur more quickly. Wanton ecological disruption; -3 Fungus production Rampant ecological disruption; -2 Fungus production Increased ecological disruption; -1 Fungus production Normal ecological tension Ecological safeguards!; Can capture native life forms Ecological harmony!; Increased chance of native life form capture! Ecological wisdom!!; Maximum chance of native life form capture!!
PROBE Affects your vulnerability (or strength) on security issues. A high score will help prevent enemy probe team attacks. -50% cost of enemy probe team actions; enemy success rate increased -25% cost of enemy probe team actions; enemy success rate increased Normal security measures +1 probe team morale; +50% cost of enemy probe team actions +2 probe team morale; Doubles cost of enemy probe team actions! +3 probe team morale; Bases and units cannot be subverted by standard Probe Teams!!
INDUSTRY Represents your manufacturing strength. A high score reduces the number of minerals required to build units and facilities. Mineral costs increased by 30% Mineral costs increased by 20% Mineral costs increased by 10% Normal production rate Mineral costs decreased by 10% Mineral costs decreased by 20% Mineral costs decreased by 30%! Mineral costs decreased by 40%!! Mineral costs decreased by 50%!!!
RESEARCH Affects your technological progress. A higher score will increase the rate at which you make breakthroughs. Labs research slowed by 30% Labs research slowed by 20% Labs research slowed by 10% Normal research rate Labs research speeded by 10% Labs research speeded by 20% Labs research speeded by 30% Labs research speeded by 40% Labs research speeded by 50%

Politics[edit | edit source]

The Politics social category allows you to choose your basic political system.

Choice Economy Efficiency Support Morale Police Growth Planet Probe Industry Research Negation Preference Aversion
Police State -2 +2 +2 Human Hive Human Hive Peacekeeping Forces
Democratic +2 -2 +2 Peacekeeping Forces

The Data Angels

Human Hive

Manifold Usurpers

Fundamentalist +1 +2 -2 The Lord's Believers University of Planet

The Cybernetic Consciousness

Frontier[edit | edit source]

Frontier politics represent the informal governing arrangements made in early colonies, before populations reach levels requiring more advanced forms of government. Frontier politics provides no bonuses or penalties.

  • Prerequisite: NONE

Police State[edit | edit source]

Police States use oppression to keep their citizens in line, and allow their leaders great power over military decisions. But oppression of this type also decreases economic efficiency.

Democratic[edit | edit source]

Democracies allow citizens to participate in government, and forego oppression and the stability it confers in favor of growth and efficiency. But citizens remain suspicious of large military deployments, and civilian oversight creates large military bureaucracies, so military support costs increase.

Fundamentalist[edit | edit source]

Fundamentalist politics unite a society behind a strong, dogmatic religion. Evangelizing the populace can create loyal, even fanatical military forces, and tends to immunize citizens against (other forms of) brainwashing, but technological research tends to suffer under the continual assaults on intellectual integrity associated with such regimes.

Economics[edit | edit source]

The Economics social category allows you to control the way your economy is managed.

Choice Economy Efficiency Support Morale Police Growth Planet Probe Industry Research Negation Preference Aversion
Free Market +2 -5 -3 Morgan Industries Gaia's Stepdaughters
Planned -2 +2 +1 Manifold Usurpers

Manifold Caretakers

Morgan Industries
Green +2 -2 +2 Gaia's Stepdaughters

The Cult of Planet

The Free Drones

Simple[edit | edit source]

Simple Economics describes the informal, ad hoc economy which develops in the early years of planetfall, before more organized economic systems can be put in place. Simple Economics provides no special benefits or penalties.

  • Prerequisite: NONE

Free Market[edit | edit source]

Free Market Economics turns market forces loose in your society. Unfettered market economics can produce great wealth quickly, but in the context of Planet's fragile emerging economies can also lead to extremes of pollution and ecological damage. Also, citizens rendered suddenly poor by the actions unscrupulous moguls may revolt against their energy-fattened masters.

Planned[edit | edit source]

A semi-market economy kept in check by fierce governmental regulation, Planned Economics promotes stable industrial and population growth, but sacrifices efficiency.

Green[edit | edit source]

Green Economics strive to integrate sentient progress with the needs of the biosphere. Green economies use resources efficiently and tend to avoid the excesses of industrial development which could provoke Planet's native life, but population growth necessarily suffers for lack of space.

Values[edit | edit source]

The Values social category allows you to set major priorities for your society.

Choice Economy Efficiency Support Morale Police Growth Planet Probe Industry Research Negation Preference Aversion
Power +2 +2 -2 The Cloning Vats Spartan Federation

Nautilus Pirates

The Data Angels
Knowledge +1 -2 +2 The Hunter-Seeker Algorithm (defense only) University of Planet The Lord's Believers
Wealth +1 -2 +1 Spartan Federation

Survival[edit | edit source]

Survival is of course the all-encompassing first priority of early human or Progenitor space colonies. "Survival" as a priority provides no special bonuses or penalties.

  • Prerequisite: NONE

Power[edit | edit source]

Leaders seeking Power build strong, well-paid military forces to enforce their will. But Economic and industrial infrastructure may suffer from bloated "defense" budgets.

Knowledge[edit | edit source]

Leaders seeking Knowledge and intellectual enlightenment will pour resources into research and education. They will also tend to promote the free exchange of information, which increases efficiency but also carries greater security risks.

  • Prerequisite: Cyberethics

Wealth[edit | edit source]

Leaders seeking Wealth will concentrate on building economic and industrial infrastructure rapidly. They achieve rapid growth and development, with possible side effects being decadence and moral decay.

Future Society[edit | edit source]

Future Societies show speculatively how society may evolve in the far future.

Choice Economy Efficiency Support Morale Police Growth Planet Probe Industry Research Negation Preference Aversion
Cybernetic +2 -3 +2 +2 The Cybernetic Consciousness

The Network Backbone

The Cybernetic Consciousness
Eudaimonic +2 -2 +2 +2 The Free Drones The Cybernetic Consciousness
Thought Control -3 +2 +2 +2 The Cloning Vats

None[edit | edit source]

None, or no Future Society, simply means that your society has not yet evolved to a far future society. No bonuses or penalties apply.

Prerequisite: NONE

Cybernetic[edit | edit source]

In the far future, citizens may turn many of the tasks of governing society over to artificially intelligent computers, increasing efficiency and freeing individuals for more creative tasks. But will workers displaced by computers sink into despair, poverty, and possible unrest?

  • Prerequisite: Digital Sentience

Eudaimonic[edit | edit source]

Perhaps the most pleasant to contemplate living in, this far future society takes its name from an ancient Greek word for fulfillment and happiness. Eudaimonic society encourages each citizen to achieve happiness through striving to fulfill completely his or her potential. Population, Economy, and Industry all experience healthy growth. Violence fades as society grows more tolerant and just, and even when this society's hand is forced it often shoots to subdue rather than to destroy.

  • Prerequisite: Eudaimonia

Thought Control[edit | edit source]

The ultimate in "Big Brother" methods, Thought Control effuses subtle neurochemical triggers into the atmosphere to render its population obedient, loyal, and resistant to outside ideas. But significant resources are required to maintain this level of control.

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