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Special abilities

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Special abilities modify your units by providing various bonuses to their offensive and defensive capabilities.

List of equipment[edit | edit source]

Name Prerequisite Defense Cost modifier
Super former Terraform rate doubled +25% base cost
Deep radar Sees 2 spaces +25% base cost (land units only)
Cloaking device Invisible; Ignores ZOCs +25% base cost
Amphibious pods Attacks from ship +25% base cost
Drop pods Makes air drops +50% base cost
Air superiority Attacks air units +25% base cost
Deep pressure hull Operates underwater +25% base cost
Carrier deck Mobile Airbase +25% base cost
AAA tracking x2 vs. air attacks +25% base cost
Polymorphic encryption x2 cost to subvert +25% base cost
Fungicide tanks Clear fungus at double speed +25% base cost
High morale Gains morale upgrade +25% base cost
Heavy artillery Bombards Cost increase: (Armor + Speed * 25) %
Clean reactor Requires no support +50% base cost
Blink displacer Bypass base defenses +25% base cost
Nerve gas pods Can +50% offense (Atrocity) +25% base cost
Repair bay Repairs ground units on board +25% base cost
Non-lethal methods x2 Police powers +25% base cost
Soporific gas pods -2 Enemy morale vs. non-native +25% base cost
Dissociative wave Fizzles special abilities +50% base cost
Marine detachment Capture enemy ships +25% base cost
Fuel nanocells Increased air range +25% base cost
Algorithmic enhancement Halves probe team failure +25% base cost