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Diplomacy is one of the pillars of the Civilization experience and Alpha Centauri is no exception.

Contact[edit | edit source]

Inevitably, you come into contact with one of the other factions from the Unity. When this happens, you’ll usually get a message that the leader of the faction wishes to speak to you, via your commlinks. It’s usually a good idea to talk to another leader when given the opportunity. Leaders may offer to trade technologies (often a good idea), or offer you a treaty, or even an alliance (a very good idea, unless you’re itching for a fight). On the other hand, they might threaten you or even try to extort energy (the currency of Planet) or technology from you.

Giving in to such demands can be humbling, but is sometimes better than the alternative (a fight you may not be ready for). Sometimes they want to borrow energy credits (a good deal in the long run, unless you’re going to need the energy you’re loaning away in the immediate future).

Atrocities[edit | edit source]

Atrocities are a special facet of diplomacy. If you commit crimes against your fellow humans, other factions will impose trade sanctions on yours, eliminating commerce. Each round of sanctions lasts ten turns. If the UN Charter was repealed in the Planetary Council, sanctions do not apply.

  • Simple atrocities include the use of nerve stapling on drones and bring the usual penalties with themselves, but do not cause other factions to turn hostile. Similarly, genetic plague attacks by probe teams also carry this penalty if detected.
  • War atrocities entail the use of nerve gas pods in any combat situation. The usual sanctions follow, but the victim will also refuse offers of peace and fight you to the death.
  • The highest atrocity is the use of Planet Buster class missiles, which result in your expulsion from the Council and permanent declarations of war from every faction.

Of course, atrocities only count when used against humans. Against Progenitors... It's open season.

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