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Chassis types

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Chassis type determines the speed at which your units move and in which theater, on top of additional miscellaneous bonuses.

List of types[edit | edit source]

Type Prerequisite Speed Theater Cargo capacity Cost modifier Effect
Infantry 1 Land 1xreactor power rating 1 +25% while attacking bases
Speeder 2 Land 1xreactor power rating 2 +25% while attacking in open terrain
Hovertank 3 Land 1xreactor power rating 3 +25% while attacking in open terrain
Foil 4 Sea 2xreactor power rating 4
Cruiser 6 Sea 4xreactor power rating 6
Needlejet 8 Air 1xreactor power rating 8
Copter 8 Air 1xreactor power rating 8
Gravship 8 Air 1xreactor power rating 8
Missile 12 Air 12