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Campaign rules

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Every Alpha Centauri game can be customized extensively with a variety of campaign and game rules.

Game rules[edit | edit source]

The following rules determine victory conditions
  • Higher Goal: Allow Victory by Transcendence.
  • Total War: Allow Victory by Conquest.
  • Peace in Our Time: Allow Diplomatic Victory.
  • Mine, All Mine: Allow Economic Victory.
  • One for All: Allow Cooperative Victory.
Player (re)starting
  • Do or Die: Don't restart eliminated players.
  • Look First: Flexible starting locations.
Research modifiers
  • Tech Stagnation: Slower rate of research discoveries.
  • Spoils of War: Steal tech when conquer base.
  • Blind Research: Cannot set precise research goals.
AI modifiers
  • Intense Rivalry: Opponents more aggressive.
  • Randomize faction leader personalities.
  • Randomize faction leader social agendas.
  • No Unity Survey: World Map not visible.
  • No Unity Scattering: Supply Pods only at landing sites.
  • Bell Curve: No Random Events.
  • Time Warp: Accelerated Start.
  • Iron Man: Save/Restore restricted to exit.

Scenario rules[edit | edit source]

The following are special rules that apply in scenarios
  • No native life--fungus, mind worms, Planet, etc.
  • No colony pods can be built.
  • No terraforming (raising/lowering terrain).
  • No technological advances.
  • No technology trading.
  • No secret projects can be built.
  • Unity Pods never produce artifacts.
  • Unity Pods never produce monoliths.
  • Unity Pods never produce resources.
  • Unity Pods never produce vehicles.
  • Unity Pods never produce tech.
  • Force current difficulty level.
  • Force player to play current faction.
  • No Planetary Council
  • No social engineering